Site-specific theater techniques & performance

This class will be an exploration of place-based, interactive theater, both indoors and outdoors. We will learn about these types of theater through reading plays, writing scenes, and acting in the things we’ve read and written, as well as learning about outdoor lighting, sound, and other theatrical techniques. We will discover new and exciting places to set scenes and plays, both those already written and those we will write ourselves. A portion of this class will be dedicated to participating in the Forest of Mystery in Brattleboro, VT (a really cool interactive & fantastical production in the woods) as a part of the cast or tech crew.

This class will drift towards the interests of those involved. While we will dip our toes into each aspect of a production, students can focus on their particular interests (acting, tech, writing, etc.) and work together to make the most cohesive theatrical team possible. Performing is not a requirement of this class.

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