The Worlds We Weave: history, weaving and personal practice

What power do we have as individuals to shape the world around us?

As we follow the threads of our own attention, we will weave a small and finite world together. We will explore our perceptions of time, how we choose to turn thoughts into gestures and how to articulate and embody the world we desire. Grounding ourselves at the loom and weaving the fabric of our thoughts, inquiries, resentments and joy, we will create a tangible record of time spent.

We will follow metaphors throughout history, creating a robust sense of self as we better understand the all too overlooked human staple- cloth. Beginning with a history of “the thread”- we will explore mindfulness practices as well as the origins of “technology”, which begins with twisting raw fibers together to create a strong and useful twine. That thread will carry us all over the world and into different pockets of commerce and injustice, magic and folktale- and root us deep in our own humanity. Using Michel Foucault’s concept of the “heterotopia”; we will use the loom and the history of cloth to weave an experimental world of our own making.

The outcome of this class will be emergent: guided by collaboration and a recognition of desires as they are informed through our curriculum.

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