Buxton Therapy Hotline FAQ

What is the Buxton Therapy Hotline?

Buxton has set up a therapy fund to support alumni and former students of the school who experienced sexual misconduct or abuse at Buxton. The fund is intended to help with the costs of seeking therapy for those who would find this helpful in dealing with their past experiences at the school.

How does it work?

Buxton has partnered with RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, to set up a hotline for people to call in order access the therapy fund.


We have partnered with RAINN for two reasons: First, RAINN’s hotline support specialists are trained to take in calls of this sensitive nature. Some callers may be revealing or discussing a past event for the first time, and it is important that the person on the other end of the phone have the experience and knowledge to support someone at such a vulnerable moment. Secondly, we want our alums and former students to be able to access the therapy fund anonymously. RAINN will never reveal your name or identity to us. 

What happens when I call?

A trained professional at RAINN will talk to you and support you. They will also determine your eligibility for the therapy fund, explain the parameters of the benefit, and direct you to the independent third-party claims administrator, who will be handling the disbursement of funds. While RAINN does not directly provide therapy, RAINN can provide national and local resources to assist you with identifying options for longer term care and support.  

Who is eligible for the therapy fund?

Any alum or former student of Buxton School. (The RAINN hotline support specialist will check on your status as an alum or former student of the school.)

How does it work?

The independent third-party claims administrator will determine whether the therapy you propose meets our criteria (a licensed mental health professional with a master’s degree or higher). She will work with you and/or your therapist to reimburse you for your therapy expenses.

What are the parameters of the benefit?

Buxton will cover expenses for weekly therapy sessions, up to $150 per therapy session, with no more than one session per week, per person. If you are able to access your insurance for therapy costs, Buxton will cover your co-pay. If accessing your own insurance is problematic for you, you can access the funds without it. We are committed to running the hotline and the related therapy fund for the period of October 15, 2020 to October 14, 2021 and will consider whether or not to extend the benefit at that time. This calendar year structure means that, no matter when an alum or former student accesses the fund, the benefit is scheduled to end on October 14, 2021 unless we announce an extension.

Why is Buxton doing this?

Buxton has always been a school that is grounded in community. Trust is at the core of what we do. When that trust has been broken, we feel that it is beholden on us to try to repair that trust and help members of our family stay connected to the school in positive ways. This program was set up not because we have received a torrent of reports but because we want to be supportive to members of our extended family.

How can Buxton afford this?

Buxton is a lean operation, as most of you know. But with some strategic alumni support we have been able to launch this program in the hopes that it will prove healing for those who decide to access it.

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