Pape Souleye Fall ’13

Pape Souleye Fall  ‘13

Pape Souleye is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he majored in sculpture. During college he spent a semester in Senegal and worked as an intern with artist, Alex de Corte. Pape took advantage of the opportunities UArts provided and explored many different kinds of media. Pape was recently accepted into Waaw, (pronounced ‘wow’, means ‘yes’ in the’ Wolof language) an artist residency in Saint Louis, Senegal, which will begin in March of 2018. Until then he will stay put in Philadelphia.

Pape credits his accomplishments to his years at Buxton where he had a safe place to explore his love of art and make mistakes. He hopes to get his MFA in the coming years and land another artist in residence position in the US or abroad and form an artist group including Buxton alums.

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