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uxton is located in the jewel of Berkshire County – the incomparable Williamstown, Massachusetts. As one of the key capitals of arts, culture and intellectualism in the country, Williamstown has forged a community that is both inclusive and diverse, historical and cutting-edge, rural and sophisticated.

Williams College, consistently ranked the number one liberal arts college in America, is at the heart of the town. The college attracts the top students and faculty in the country through its remarkable campus, world-class architecture, including one of the AIA’s ‘top libraries in the world,’ and unparalleled cultural activities and athletics.


Some of the amazing features of our local area include:

  • Williams College, consistently rated the best liberal arts college in the country. Buxton students can take Williams College classes in their senior year and work with Williams tutors, as well as attend artist lectures, take part in drawing sessions, use Williams sports facilities and more!
  • Several world-class museums including our immediate neighbor, The Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute, a premiere small art museum, boasting what some critics call ‘the finest Impressionist collection in the world;’ The Williams College Museum of Art, widely considered the best college art museum in the country; and MassMoCA, a world-famous contemporary art museum.

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  • "Buxton has given me the freedom to be the person I want to be, make the art I want to make, and learn the things I want to learn. At Buxton we learn not only in the classroom, but in the community. We learn how to be good to each other and how to support each other. Buxton has so much to offer students, both inside the classroom and outside of it."
    Sadie Great Barrington, MA
  • “At Buxton you get to focus on what you want to be learning; whether it is social skills or in-depth studying- you learn to take responsibility of your education.”
    Francis Magai
    Francis Magai Troy, NY
  • “Living your education means to not only learn things, but to use what you learn in your everyday life.”
    Naima Nigh
    Naima Nigh Mexico
  • “To me, living your education means to be independent, to take charge, to not be afraid of asking for help, to learn from your peers, to love to learn, to take what you have learned from a loving environment and take it into the world.”
    Kat Hallowell
    Kat Hallowell New Hampshire
  • “Your education is more than just your time in class, it’s your life as a whole. Learning is not limited to a teacher teaching you something in a classroom.”
    Cynder Johnson
    Cynder Johnson Missouri
  • “To me, at Buxton, it’s not boundaries that you make, but the ones you break through.”
    Roy Malone
    Roy Malone New York, NY
  • “At Buxton, I can choose what I want to do with my education. I can design my own path and invest my time studying topics that I’m really interested in.”
    Nora Mittleman
    Nora Mittleman New York, NY
  • “At Buxton you can experience your intellectual development in a community that accepts your perspective of the world.”
    Ben Nigh
    Ben Nigh Mexico
  • “I felt instantly at home when I stepped on the campus. At Buxton, we are in school 24/7. We learn things in the classroom, but we really learn valuable things outside of the classroom. We learn how to work with others and respect each other’s spaces. Our education surrounds us and we learn new things everyday.”
    Emily Woodside
    Emily Woodside Albany, NY
  • “I chose Buxton over public school because I think I function better in a smaller environment. You’re able to get to know students and faculty on a deeper level, which is rare.”
    Charlie Starenko
    Charlie Starenko Williamstown, MA

Live your education at Buxton

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