Ann Pratt ’76

Ann has been working for social change for over 35 years- starting in Cleveland Ohio in the 80’s, and now in her home state of Connecticut.  She currently serves as the Organizing Director of The Connecticut Citizen Action Group (CCAG) based in Hartford. This amazing organization was founded on the first Earth Day in 1971, so 48 years ago!

CCAG champions initiatives that bring about greater government accountability, quality affordable health care, stronger environmental protections, economic justice and is currently involved in challenging racial injustices embedded within Connecticut’s public schools.

Just last year- because of CCAG, 4,000 Connecticut residents were added to the Medicaid program. That’s  4,000 people who now have access to health care. That is life changing and only one example of the power of the organization and how effective they are.

Buxton introduced Ann to the world of organizing around social justice and other important issues facing her state, our country, and our world. The annual Urban Intensive Trips, particularly to Washington DC, inspired Ann. The All School Trip (its name many years ago) sparked her interest in the political process- and how public policy and community organizing could be used to impact systems, people and their communities.

This is her life’s work and she has no intention of stopping. Buxton really does have the ability to change the world. Ann is the perfect example of that.

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