COVID-19 Reopening Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year

    • In order to reopen the school, we will be using the state and federal guidelines as a minimum, requiring all community members to universally take precautions that protect even the most vulnerable among us.
    • Everyone will be required to wear masks and maintain physical distancing guidelines at all times, with only specific exceptions.
    • The school will provide various sanitization supplies and everyone will be required to wash/sanitize their hands frequently, and sanitize surfaces upon completing their use of indoor spaces on campus.
    • All students will be required to begin taking precautions prior to returning, including isolation and testing. All students, faculty, and staff will be tested upon returning to campus at the start of the school year.
    • Everyone within the campus community will be required to receive COVID-19 training, and participate in daily screenings, getting tested if the screening suggests it.
    • If anyone tests positive for COVID-19, they will immediately enter quarantine and all spaces that they have been in recently will be closed for disinfection.
    • In dorms, students will be spaced out as much as possible, creating pods based on rooms and bathroom access. Pods will be kept separate for eating meals and various activities around campus to reduce interactions between groups.
    • Boarding students will not be allowed off campus. After the initial two weeks, day students will only be allowed off-campus to return home, and will be expected to “shelter at home” with their families (who are also expected to take sufficient precautions).
    • All courses will be designed to provide a hyflex model of synchronous online & in-person instruction, accommodating students who are unable to be physically present in the classroom.
    • Classes will be held in outdoor spaces when possible. When that isn’t possible, indoor classes will have as much ventilation as possible and limited numbers of students, based on space available and distancing guidelines.
    • The various extracurricular activities that have been held in previous years will either be adjusted to match strict preventative requirements, or removed from the schedule entirely.
    • If public health officials or their guidelines deem it necessary (including if there are a certain amount of COVID-19 cases in the community), the physical campus will close and all students will follow their family’s pre-approved exit strategy. Classes will then continue online.

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