Fafnir Adamites

After 2 years in her hometown high school, Fafnir knew she needed a different experience than what was the norm for her family. She found Buxton and was able to attend Buxton for her junior and senior years because of a generous scholarship. Buxton exposed her to a new way of looking at the world both in the classroom and through the school trips to Atlanta, Mexico City, and Paris. Buxton was a much more diverse environment than she was used to and the teachers were deeply engaged with their students. She didn’t know it at the time but the way the teachers at Buxton approach their subject matter and their students would influence her career years later.

Fafnir graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in Photography and Women’s Studies and went back to school in 2013 to get an MFA degree from the Fiber and Material Studies Department at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Moving to Chicago after nearly ten years of living in Turners Falls, MA was a definite upheaval but with her husband’s support she picked up and moved west by herself. While it was a challenging two years, moving to Chicago alone had a silver lining: She could fully immerse herself in her education.


Impediment Series II 2018

Fafnir’s artwork is shown extensively in the region and she hopes to do more shows and continue teaching especially college age students. She has exhibits coming up at Fountain Street Gallery in Boston, Amy H. Carberry Fine Arts Gallery in Springfield, and Readywipe Gallery in Holyoke. She has also been selected to show in the 2018 Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show. Fafnir teaches middle and high school students at the Academy at Charlemont in addition to teaching classes at UMass Amherst and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams. She also teaches classes in the fiber studio at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, MA. No doubt, her students benefit from the teaching philosophy imbedded in Buxton by having a teacher who wants to get to know them and share the experience of learning together.

Check out Fafnir’s website to see her amazing work fafniradamites.com

Artwork at top: Dead Reckoning is Subject to Cumulative Errors 2016 

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