Natural Systems and Sustainable Agriculture

This class will explore our food systems to compare the different ways food gets to our table. We will look at the development of industrial agriculture, its effects on the environment and our health, how food is distributed and varies in its accessibility, and, more generally, how agriculture helps define our relationship to food. Accordingly, we will look at “alternative” means of food production, focusing on small scale regenerative agriculture, whole systems thinking, and permaculture principles. We will source materials from various, and at times, opposing perspectives to reflect on the fundamental question of how we go about feeding the global populace, to include articles, documentaries, and talking with local farmers. Additionally, throughout this course, we will engage in practical demonstrations, and community engagement to comprehend the real-world applications and impacts of regenerative agriculture, both for the Buxton community and our external community. You can expect to do a fair amount of reading to prepare for inclass discussion, though our coursework will most likely remain in class and project based.

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