The Art of Music w/Scott (Any grade, Full year)

This is a music class for people who have little or no experience playing music. With that in mind, we’ll be taking a three pronged approach: listening, theorizing, and playing with simple instruments (hand percussion, recorder, voice, drum machine, synthesizer). Listening will be the core component of the course: we will listen deeply and widely, establishing some familiarity with the “canon” of Western art music and building an awareness of musical forms and approaches from other times and places. As we listen, we will develop a vocabulary with which to 1) describe what we hear and 2) conceptualize what we want to hear. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we will play around with sound together. The goal of this class is not to become expert musicians or to create masterpieces, but to cultivate a playful attitude towards sound and to access the joy of making music with others. 

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