Giselle Martinez ’07

Alumni of Buxton often say going to school here was a life changing experience. It certainly was for Giselle. Her time at Buxton changed the way she viewed the world and herself. She learned who she was because of the deep relationships with her teachers and her friends and the inclusive, excepting culture of this amazing school.

After graduating from Buxton, Giselle went to SUNY New Paltz for her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Human Services and Hunter College for her MSW. She admitted it was a struggle to adapt to a more traditional style of learning. She was no longer in the “Buxton Bubble” but she figured it out and learned a new set of skills as a result.

In 2013 she got her first job as a clinical social worker in the Emergency Department at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC. As one can imagine the job was incredibly stressful. She worked with victims of domestic abuse, was a grief counselor, wrote discharge plans, and much more. She was there for 4 years.

Giselle wanted to have long term relationships with her clients and was drawn to people suffering from mental health issues and trauma. She began working in the World Trade Center Mental Health Clinic for 9/11 first responders housed at Mt. Sinai in 2017.

Giselle’s profession is very stressful so she is trying to live in the present and practices mindfulness. She is paying more attention to nutrition and creating balance in her life. Her work is fulfilling and grueling at the same time so balance is a good thing.

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