Junior Gomez ’07

After Buxton, I attended Wells College in Aurora NY where I majored in Visual Arts, Concentration in Studio Art. Throughout my 4 years at Wells, I was a part of the Division III men’s soccer team and was the recipient of the Lesley Wead Zabriskie Express Award my freshman year. This award is presented to one team player a year who embodied the true ideals of team commitment (leadership, discipline, dedication and sportsmanship). After graduating from Wells college, I moved back home to New York City. I struggled finding a job in a creative space and settled to work for a non-profit organization. My dream of becoming an Artist was put aside. After 6 years of developing administration skills and changing roles, I knew it was time for a change, a big one. My partner and I decided to move to Charlotte, North Carolina where we would start a brand new life together. When we moved, I was uncertain on what type of career I wanted. I did know I wanted to inspire others and make a difference. So I asked myself “What brings you joy and happiness and how can you inspire others with it?” The answer was clear. I then made a promise to devote my time and efforts to my creative side. After 2 ½ years of training my mind and creative muscles, I finally gained the confidence to pursue something I’ve always dreamed of and became a full time artist!

2021 was the year I decided to step into the unknown and pursue my dream. Since then, I created my website, juniordesignsart.com and established my art business, Junior Designs. In October, The city of Charlotte commissioned me to design and install my first public project for a new park they were constructing funded by Lowe’s Home Improvement. My art “The Rise of Fall” was published by Artstonish International Magazine November 2021 addition. I recently traveled to Los Angeles to experience my art displayed on HWY I-5 on a digital billboard thanks to Artpop Street Gallery, a nonprofit organization that showcases local artists by featuring their art in public spaces and equipping them to achieve sustained success. In March of 2021 I will be working with Artpop Street Gallery again to complete an Inspiration Project at Charlotte’s central Lowe’s location. My art will be displayed on a 10’x10’ public window. In April, I will be traveling solo to Thailand to gain inspiration for my art and broaden my horizons. My plan is to complete a series of paintings emulating my experience through their culture, food, wildlife and people. I am extremely excited about this opportunity as I have always wanted to travel to Asia.

My journey has just begun and I’m extremely proud of how much I’ve accomplished! I am forever grateful for Buxton for allowing me to be a student and explore my passions. I think back to the young man that I was at Buxton and how much I’ve learned and matured to the man I am today. There has been a lot of change in my life and I welcome all of it.


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