Leslyn Randazzo ’64

Leslyn Randazzo ’64, loves riding horses, especially in the woods. She finds it peaceful and inspirational. She often wonders if the experience of attending “Chapel” in the stand of pines behind the Main House led to her love of riding in the woods. She spoke of feeling at peace at the Sunday morning services and the feeling she gets riding in the woods is much the same.

Unless the weather is bad Leslyn’s first choice of activities is trail riding with her daughter, Cristlyn, in the Ozarks. Mother and daughter have also traveled to Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee and Arkansas to ride through their woods. When Leslyn is not on horseback she might be quilting or volunteering at her local hospital or library. Leslyn has just purchased a new horse named Amigo. She was looking for a sweet, loveable horse and he fit the bill. He is a tall boy but Amigo’s height will not deter Leslyn from riding him. She said she just has to find the perfect dead tree to use as a mounting block!

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