Meet the New Work Program Heads!

Work Program is an incredibly important part of our Buxton experience: twice a week, all the students in the school come together to do the maintenance that keeps the school running. This includes cleaning dorm and classroom buildings, taking care of our gardens, splitting wood, and more. This week, a crew of students picked apples to be made into cider!

Work Program helps to develop a sense of collective ownership and responsibility for the school–but don’t take our word for it! Every year, a group of seniors is appointed as the Work Program heads, to help organize student workers and keep the program running.

This year’s work program heads are Aurora Sikelianos, Lola Bohle, and Leonardo Barber. When asked what they appreciate about Work program, Leonardo mentioned that he liked “that we get to take care of the spaces we live in and show respect for the campus and for each other by keeping the spaces clean.” Aurora agreed. “I feel like it’s a way to hold all of ourselves accountable for being engaged,” she said. “And I think it’s a way to help everyone learn to be a leader and also learn how to take directions, which are important life skills.”

All have different favorite Work Program crews. Lola’s favorite is the gardening crew, Aurora likes to clean the New Building and Leonardo likes to split wood. Lola’s splitting memories are not so positive: her first Work Program ever, “she almost cut her shoe in half!”

Thanks so much to our awesome Work Program heads. We’re excited for the next year of Main House cleaning, recycling pick-ups, wood shifting, and more!

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