Miles Hyman, Class of 1980, Gets Prestigious Award

Miles Hyman, Buxton class of 1980, has been awarded the title of Knight in the Order of the Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture. The honor came in the form of a letter and was a complete surprise. The award will be presented to him during a ceremony at the French Embassy in NYC at a future date.

Hyman is an author/illustrator who has lived in France for the last 15 years and a decade more in the 80’s. He grew up in North Bennington, VT and is the grandson of author, Shirley Jackson. His work appears in books, magazines and galleries in the US and Europe. “France has for centuries been a beacon of inspiration for creative individuals throughout the world. I am proud to have the privilege of living and working in a country that places such profound cultural value in artistic creation, granting artists a place of honor on an international scale – as the The Order of Arts and Letters fully demonstrates!”

He believes the support and encouragement he received at Buxton were crucial to his success as an artist. He was always a “doodler” but it wasn’t until he came here did he have access to space, paint and canvasses and the freedom to create. Without Buxton he might have been an accountant!

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