Parent Newsletter by Franny Shuker-Haines

Dear Buxton Families,

How is it possible that the winter term is almost over? Though short, it has been intense. We’ve had our fair share of colds, flus, and stomach bugs; we’ve also had our fair share of great winter study classes (for example: the Special Relativity kids are so excited about what they’ve learned that they are making a video to help explain it all to the rest of us!), junior thesis papers and overnights, and skiing, snowboarding, and, last Thursday, a real snow day! Thanks to the senior class for making the snow day happen and for doing the cooking all day so the kitchen staff could also benefit from an unexpected day off! Go seniors!

We’re having our last three days of classes now and then it’s time for our Winter Home Weekend. I know you all have heard from Lindsey about that and—hopefully!—have communicated your child’s travel plans to her. If not, reach out to her ASAP so we know who’s going to be where before Wednesday.

We are also gearing up for the three-week Urban Intensive experience. When the kids return, we will officially be in “Pre-Trip Week,” where our project groups meet daily to make appointments and plans for our time in Detroit. That’s also when rehearsals for our all-school play kick into high gear. This year, it’s an original production centered around the theme of “home.” Kudos to Allison and Chiara for doing such a terrific job on this. Amazing!

We will be sending out a letter with more specific information on the trip and its logistics soon, but here’s a brief preview:

Next week, February 19-23

We will begin each day with an all-school meeting at 9:00. (Day student families: We don’t start the day until everyone shows up, so keep this in mind as you plan your week.) After that, we will have some combination of project group meetings, rehearsals, all-school meetings, and mandatory fun. Daily schedule TBD.

Saturday, February 24

We will board buses at around lunchtime and drive to Rochester, NY, where we will spend the night.

Sunday, February 25

We will get back on buses and get all the way to Detroit, where we will be staying at the Doubletree Suites Fort Shelby (the name includes a hyperlink to their website). Timothy and I checked it out over the winter vacation, and it’s a really nice hotel in a great location. Dinner on Sunday night at a fantastic middle-eastern restaurant we also checked out ahead of time. Yum!

Monday, February 26-Friday, March 2

We will be spending our days in our project groups, meeting with people, visiting locations, exploring our topics in and around the city. Our evenings will be spent either performing the all-school play in various venues or going to cultural/fun events in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Saturday, March 3

We get back on the buses and make it all the way back to Williamstown in one day!

Sunday, March 4

Sleep and recovery!

Monday, March 5-Friday, March 9

We will start our days with all-school meetings once again, 9:00 sharp. Then, we will meet in our groups to plan our presentations to the rest of the school, write thank-you notes, and write essays for the “trip book.” The week culminates with a performance of the all-school play for families and friends on Friday night at 7:30.

We will send out more detailed schedules and information shortly, but this will, at least, give you a broad overview of what the next few weeks look like for your child.

We’re looking forward to a grand adventure!

All the best,








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