Raymond Newell ’93 – Exciting Opportunity!!

Please see information below about upcoming events on Mars 2020 NASA mission now called Perseverance, Raymond Newell ’93 is involved in. Amazing stuff for sure! Read below to find out more and how to participate in what he is doing.
From Raymond Newell:
The Mars 2020 NASA mission, has now been named Perseverance. If all goes according to plan, Perseverance will land in Jezero Crater in ten days, on Thursday the 18th about 3pm Eastern time. You may be interested in the following links, which provide some background on the mission, and feature appearances by my wife Adriana and me:
NASA coverage starts at 14:15 EST.
Click here to watch NASA tv and watch the coverage:
In addition to the SuperCam team, my wife Adriana is also part of the Mars Drill Core team:
The landing afterparty Ray and Adriana will be part of starts at 8pm EST
Please register to join the webinar:
If you only have time to watch one thing, watch the (abbreviated) “7 minutes of terror” which are part of the entry into Mars atmosphere!
More info here: 
More on SuperCam from Los Alamos:
Another project Ray and Adriana worked on recently is called OrganiCam:

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