Stay Tuned for our Fall 2020 Reopening Plan

Buxton School is closely keeping track of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. During these unusual times we have moved to a distance learning model. Being together as a community of learners and doers is how we thrive best, but we are taking the necessary steps, and will continue to “live our education” in the safest way we can in these circumstances.

Our approach this spring will be to teach and learn through a variety of media and approaches. We have been researching the best practices for distance learning, and it is clear that expecting students to be “in class” on their computers in a way that mimics how they would spend their days while at school simply wont work. Instead we have devised a schedule that accommodates one or two meetings per class per week as well a wide array of activities and clubs students can participate in.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning Clubs & Activities

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