t Buxton, we believe every kid can learn to love math. We offer a standard math curriculum, from Algebra I through Advanced Calculus, along with math electives, like Logic and Puzzling or Data Science, that allow students to explore math in new ways and learn how it connects to the wider world around them.

Our small class sizes also allow for more personalized instruction and a class that can adapt to the pace of the students in it. Extracurriculars like our math team also allow students to explore mathematical concepts outside of the classroom.

Algebra I

This course provides an introduction to algebraic properties and expressions. Topics include the study of equations and inequalities in one variable, work with polynomials and exponents, and graphing of linear equations. Students also begin solving and graphing systems of linear equations. A brief introduction to quadratic forms is included.

Algebra II

This is a second-year high-school algebra course designed to develop proficiency in mathematical skills, to solidify an understanding of mathematical concepts, and to encourage logical yet creative thinking. Class sizes are kept small so that students have every opportunity to achieve success and gain confidence in their ability to do mathematics.


This course is offered to advanced students who thoroughly enjoy the application of complex mathematical concepts. The primary function is to demonstrate the enjoyment that is present in higher-level mathematics.

As with most calculus courses, the first term concentrates on differential calculus and the second on integral calculus. Although there is some emphasis on application, a secure grasp of the fundamental concepts is also stressed.


Geometrical relationships and the structures of logic are the two main themes of this course. The topics are explored in such a way that students discover and define the fundamental relationships as a class throughout the year. The basics of plane geometry and symmetry are covered, along with an introduction to the geometry of the solids and beginning trigonometry. Deductive and inductive reasoning are woven in throughout the topics, thus developing a system of logical thought that is intended to contribute, not only to other math and science courses, but to all areas of study.


Designed to prepare students for college-level calculus, this is a fast-paced course. Questions are continually asked that go beyond the immediate problem being examined. Topics covered include graphing techniques, trigonometry, vectors, conic sections, transcendental functions, polar coordinates, and sequences and series.

There is an introduction to the concepts of calculus at the end of the year.

Data, Probability, and Statistics

This course is designed to introduce students to the wide world of analyzing data mathematically. We will study probability and its implications, data entry and analysis, and statistical methods. We will be analyzing real data from studies found across the media to verify and more carefully dissect their claims. This will likely be a full year class with significant hands on material, and will be sufficient for any student needing further math credits in high school. There will be numerous projects and assignments, but no tests or textbook.


  • "Buxton has given me the freedom to be the person I want to be, make the art I want to make, and learn the things I want to learn. At Buxton we learn not only in the classroom, but in the community. We learn how to be good to each other and how to support each other. Buxton has so much to offer students, both inside the classroom and outside of it."
    Sadie Great Barrington, MA
  • “At Buxton you get to focus on what you want to be learning; whether it is social skills or in-depth studying- you learn to take responsibility of your education.”
    Francis Magai
    Francis Magai Troy, NY
  • “Living your education means to not only learn things, but to use what you learn in your everyday life.”
    Naima Nigh
    Naima Nigh Mexico
  • “To me, living your education means to be independent, to take charge, to not be afraid of asking for help, to learn from your peers, to love to learn, to take what you have learned from a loving environment and take it into the world.”
    Kat Hallowell
    Kat Hallowell New Hampshire
  • “Your education is more than just your time in class, it’s your life as a whole. Learning is not limited to a teacher teaching you something in a classroom.”
    Cynder Johnson
    Cynder Johnson Missouri
  • “To me, at Buxton, it’s not boundaries that you make, but the ones you break through.”
    Roy Malone
    Roy Malone New York, NY
  • “At Buxton, I can choose what I want to do with my education. I can design my own path and invest my time studying topics that I’m really interested in.”
    Nora Mittleman
    Nora Mittleman New York, NY
  • “At Buxton you can experience your intellectual development in a community that accepts your perspective of the world.”
    Ben Nigh
    Ben Nigh Mexico
  • “I felt instantly at home when I stepped on the campus. At Buxton, we are in school 24/7. We learn things in the classroom, but we really learn valuable things outside of the classroom. We learn how to work with others and respect each other’s spaces. Our education surrounds us and we learn new things everyday.”
    Emily Woodside
    Emily Woodside Albany, NY
  • “I chose Buxton over public school because I think I function better in a smaller environment. You’re able to get to know students and faculty on a deeper level, which is rare.”
    Charlie Starenko
    Charlie Starenko Williamstown, MA
  • “Students should be happy when they are learning. They should not feel like studying is a burden to them. You learn things from your living space and environment - you are learning every second you are living.”
    Jiayi Cao
    Jiayi Cao China
  • “Buxton has shown me that it is possible to forge close bonds with teachers as well as students. It also gives you the ability to try new things in an environment where there is no judgment.”
    Kristhal Ayala
    Kristhal Ayala Puerto Rico
  • “I chose Buxton for a small community-based education with focus on the individual as part of the world at large, along with the learning settings.”
    Katie McAvoy
    Katie McAvoy Boston, MA
  • “I love the atmosphere and how tightly knit the community is. At Buxton you take what you learn in the classroom and use it in everyday life - you learn from the world around you and see how you can make it better.”
    Cheyanne Williams
    Cheyanne Williams Boston, MA
  • “At Buxton you bring your education into everything you do, and learn important, relevant things that you can utilize all the time.”
    Rebecca van der Meulen
    Rebecca van der Meulen New Lebanon, NY
  • "In the last year, Buxton has become my home. It has provided me with a place where self-exploration is encouraged in and out of the classroom. I have made unbreakable bonds with faculty and my peers."

    Aurora Albany, NY
  • "To me living your education means enjoying it to the fullest. Do the things that make you uncomfortable, like activities, clubs, or sports you wouldn't normally participate in. Like the saying goes, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

    Adrian Boston, MA
  • "Buxton has given me room to fully realize what inspires me and the resources to create it. The next big grade is no longer a constant worry. I have more space to be and do what I want."

    Lola Williamstown, MA
  • "Buxton has given me the freedom to be the person I want to be, make the art I want to make, and learn the things I want to learn. At Buxton we learn not only in the classroom, but in the community. We learn how to be good to each other and how to support each other. Buxton has so much to offer students, both inside the classroom and outside of it."

    Sadie Great Barrington, MA
  • “A sense that everybody matters, that you are in a community where everyone can make a difference and reach their full potential, where you are interdependent and you work together, and most importantly where you understand that you can do whatever you want to do and whatever it is that you do, you have got to make a difference. I think that, more than anything, defines my experience at Buxton.”
    Peter Shumlin
    Peter Shumlin Governor of Vermont, Buxton Alumni

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